Facilities available

PI has four farms covering a total of 1.000 stemmata where the scientific activities and other duties take place. The central entity is in Naoussa and experimental stations in Makrochori, Skydra and Mavrovouni

The central station in Naoussa has offices, a library and a conference room. In its fields there is a greenhouse, mist irrigation benches, insect proof chambers, refrigerators and many other facilities..


In the central premise in Naoussa are well equipped laboratories for:

  • Plant physiological analyses CO2/H2O gas analyzer, Pressure bomb, chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Chemical analyses in leaf and fruit tissue (proteins, antioxidants, nutrient content, viruses etc) Atomic absorption, Two Diode Array UV-Visible spectrophotometers, Gas Chromatograph, Kendjal, Centrifuges, Flame photometer, Light microscopy with image analyser, Various types of furnaces (up to 1800C), icro-dismembranator, Freeze drier, Deep Freeze Chamber (-80C), Electrophoreses, LISA, PCR etc.
  • Analyses of fruit physical characteristics Chromatometer, Resistance to pressure, Balances, Refractometer
  • Thermotherapy and tissue culture Thermotherapy chamber, Growth chambers

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